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Poudre Garage

A renovation of and addition to a historic Forest Service garage, this project takes its cue from the art-deco styling of the original building and carefully respects its historic neighbors while maximizing a highly constrained site. 

The project strives for authenticity and compatibility, featuring details, materials and architectural character derived from and compatible with, but not imitative of, adjacent buildings. Infilling an existing empty lot in the streetscape, the project leverages a symmetrical art-deco parti to remain compatible with the original garage, while implementing quality contemporary materials and detailing to distinguish itself from the historic construction, as per the Secretary of the Interior's standards.

In order to contribute to a vibrant neighborhood, the project adds housing to the site, increasing the neighborhood's 24 hour security and walkability, and replaces existing parking on-site while hiding it from view. Conversion of existing ground level office to retail and/or restaurant uses activates the street, replacing existing storefront with garage doors to provide a trace of its former use while increasing transparency and porosity.


LOCATION: Old Town Fort Collins
CLIENT: Poudre Garage LLC
SCOPE: Entitlements through Occupancy
COST: 2.5 Million