An Unexpected Endorsement

Matt Robenalt, the Executive Director of the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority sent us the following surprising email a few days ago:

"Hi, Randy,

The entire DDA staff had the opportunity to tour Block One yesterday.  I enjoyed every space that you designed in the project.   Each floor and every corner of that building offers something elegantly simple, and so well connected with the site and larger context of Linden Street.   At the DDA board retreat this year, we invited a group of architects to discuss topics of design (just like you did with us two years ago) and we learned of the concept that a well designed building is integrated "in" the site, and the lesser building is simply  "on" the site.  Block One is incredibly well thought out and its visual and physical connections, inside and out, to its site and to Old Town is truly the first of its kind in this community.  I am so happy that you have created this wonderful building, and the opportunity for the project to serve as an example for future infill buildings.


Matt Robenalt
Executive Director
Downtown Development Authority
Fort Collins, Colorado"

We are indebted to Matt for his kind assessment of Block One and are very pleased that he saw some of the things we try hard to accomplish with every design we undertake.  Fitting a building to its context-- its neighborhood, climate, views, the landscape, etc. is something we are always seeking and we are delighted and humbled when our clients and approving entities notice.

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