Where we are.


Our office is located at: 405 Linden Street in Fort Collins, Colorado.

We work on projects throughout the west and around the world, yet [au]workshop considers the city of Fort Collins our home base.  Near the northern extent of the Front Range Urban Corridor, the city combines a casual urban culture and outdoor life that belies its small (150,000) size. Supporting a stout creative community of artists, craftspeople and musicians as well as an intellectual cohort of research scientists, professors, and students, Fort Collins is surrounded by and interwoven with a fantastic variety of open space and agricultural land and is quite close to Rocky Mountain National Park’s 250,000 acres—itself surrounded by almost 3 million additional acres of protected lands. 

Located in the nascent River District, a stone's throw from downtown, our office is committed to engaging both the city’s traditional and contemporary urbanisms, as well as enjoying the city’s burgeoning local agriculture and fermentation culture, family-friendly atmosphere, and outdoor opportunities. The focus on a work/life balance—of actually living the lives we might envision for others—is imperative for us as we move forward mindfully.  

We make our city, and our city makes us. 

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